Thursday, March 9, 2017

Vipassana Journey

Vipassana Journey

By Ben Pauley

My religious life started a couple of years again whereas backpacking around Canada – an unusual place to find a excessive non secular path which was to alter my life eternally for the higher. I went there seeking enjoyable, pleasure and journey and after many highs and lows I discovered I used to be looking for the improper issues in all of the mistaken locations. Canada is a land of maximum beauty and after six months I had seen all of it; the amazing wildlife, the stunning mountains and the grand forests which defend hundreds of unpolluted rivers and streams. I keep in mind mountain climbing for three days on Vancouver Island, a world class mountaineering paradise which is closely protected from mining and logging and thinking to myself; I’m still not pleased. I keep in mind climbing a distant mountain in Alaska, getting to the highest and seeing the most magnificent awe-inspiring view of the Skagway river meandering through a deep forested valley, sliding previous the historic gold rush city of Skagway and at last discovering its way into the clear sparkling blue ocean. Still I had an underlying yearning for something extra. I used to be still completely unhappy.

I assumed, maybe if I used to be in love right now I would really feel satisfied but deep down I knew in any other case having been in love before and nonetheless feeling insecure, so attached and tense, at all times hoping it could never end and always fearing that it some day would. Possibly I need a great celebration I assumed, perhaps that may knock me out of this stupor, so I travelled to Dawson City which in summer season stays mild for 24 hours – plenty of time to occasion and fortunate for me there was a three day music competition. Fortunate because after three days of feeling like I had made a flawed determination I made a decision to strive one thing different. Something that would make me feel steady, secure and balanced. My quest for adventure had ended and my quest for peace had begun. It was time to discover ways to meditate.

I first heard about Vipassana meditation about two years earlier whereas in Copenhagen. I overheard somebody talking about it and the only thing I remember was her saying “it’s ten days in silence and all you can do is meditate and stroll around the backyard”. It didn’t interest me at all however for some motive it stuck in my mind. The following time I heard it on an organic farm near Montreal from an elderly man and a younger couple who were volunteering there. He had been helping to cook the vegetarian food for some Vipassana courses being taught in American prisons. When he told me extra about it and I informed him it gave the impression of fun he was fairly amused. ‘I’ve looked for enjoyable my entire life and that is much a lot better” he stated. Here was a man so at peace with himself and though I was tempted I nonetheless didn't join a course. It was solely after the adventuring described earlier that I made my approach right down to the Vipassana centre in British Columbia to experience one thing that was to alter my life eternally for the better.

I knew it would be a problem for me and it was. Sitting nonetheless for 10 minutes was troublesome for me beforehand and at Vipassana I was required to sit down for over ten hours a day with none distractions – no studying, no writing, no music and no talking. Beginning time was four:30 am, I was solely allowed to eat fruit after midday and the only type of exercise was strolling. Regardless of my issues the instructor Mr S.N Goenka mentioned all these rules are designed for the student to get essentially the most benefit so I surrendered, put my scepticism aside and worked in response to the timetable and guidelines. I worked hard and never missed a meditation session. The meditation corridor was so still and at instances it felt like there was no-one else in the room regardless of it being crowded with 70 people. I used to be amazed by everyones discipline, quietness and consideration for others. People who had been late for a session would tiptoe into the room in order not to disturb everyone else. This introduced inside me a sense of respect for others after realising that I had spent most of life in a egocentric existence, only consi

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